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Tudor Submariner 7928 – Chapter Ring – MILITARY – SUBASE 9
Extremely Rare Tudor Submariner 7928 , Circa 1962, gilt dial, 40mm stainless steel case, screw back, plastic crystal, perfect chapter ring dial, Serial: 379XXX
Hands and dial with original radium in perfect condition and exclamation point al 6 of the dial.
Diese erstaunliche Uhr, original in jedem seiner Teile, ist mit einer wunderbaren Patina der Zeit, die sicherlich macht es beeindruckend und elegant präsentiert.


The Tudor 7928 Submariner is comparable to the reference to the Rolex 5513 or 5512 Submariner during the same period. The first 7928 even had the same square crown guard case as the 5512. Although Tudor’s military history is usually associated with the French Navy (Marine Nationale), several other militaries employed Tudor Submariners even if they were not officially issued. We have seen Tudor Submariners used by militaries of Argentina, Israel, Jamaica and USA. Although information on these ultimately rare watches is scarce, the use of these watches during military service by some of the most elite armed forces remains a fact. Only a handful of examples of SUBASE (US Naval Submarine Base) have surfaced and each number belongs to a unique watch. The Tudor 7928 & Blancpain Fifty Fathoms have been observed with the same case back engraving and individually numbered. Making each piece quiet distinctive and all the more collectible.
This watch, along with other SUBASE, was delivered to the Naval Submarine Base Bangor in Washington, USA that has since been re-named Naval Submarine Base Kitsap after merging with former Naval Station Bremerton. It was used during service by a Naval officer. This exact configuration of 7928 has also been observed on another SUBASE Tudor Submariner

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