Juvenia arithmo


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Very rare  Juvenia Arithmo  from 1950’s.

Stainless steel case diameter 36mm, snap case back, rotating bezel.

Cream radium dial with blued radium hands.

Manual winding movement signed Juvenia.

Original palstic cristal.

Vintages bamboo stainless steel bracelet.

This amazing watch, original in any of its part in excellent condition, is presented with a wonderful patina of time that certainly makes it impressive and elegant.

The Juvenia Arithmo, introduced in 1945, is a practical timepiece allowing the wearer to perform many calculations with the installment of a slide rule scale with a rotating bezel. A similar design concept can be seen with the Mimo Loga and Breitling Chronomat models. Before the electronic calculator came around, the slide rule was one of the more valuable and useful accessories one could own. Once you understand how the slide rule system works, you can calculate complicated equations, applied to anything from engineering to trigonometry needs. The Arithmo allows the wearer to never forget their slide rule at home as it is always right there on their wrist.

Juvenia marketed the Arithmo back in the day as “the first practical calculating watch.” While there were others on the market, the brand believed its to be, well, the only practical option. This may be debatable, and we’re sure Breitling had something to say about it back in the 1940s. Maybe this opinion of practicality is rooted in the crystal construction of the Arithmo, which was certainly unique to this watch. Collectors refer to the Arithmo’s crystal as “donut-shaped” since the main dial is covered by a separate piece of the crystal system than the slide rule bezels. The look is really unlike anything else and allows additional practicality of a clear look at the slide rule while maintaining the ability to rotate. When the wearer rotates the bezel, the outer plexiglass portion rotates with it while the inner, over the center dial, remains fixed.

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